Posted on: March 23, 2009 12:26 pm

Tought lose yesterday.

 I thought we were gonna do it. I drove all the way up to Boston for the game and was so siked. I had this feeling that we were going to win up there. I can't believe some of the goals Marty let in yesterday. They were kinda softys if you ask me. Alot of tough games coming up against playoff caliber teams so its going to be tough. I still think we have an outside shot at grabbing the number 1 seed though. You never know in hockey and the Bruins haven't been playing that that good of late. I think this win by them though kinda restored alot of confidence that they displayed earlier in the year. I like how we have the lead over the Capitals and have those games in hand which is a big help. Tough game tonight in Philly against the Flyers. I hope the Devils do a way better job on the PK then they did in the last game. Im suprised they played so bad on the PK after what they did the night before against the Wild shutting them down and making them go 0-7. Lets go boys time to bounce back tonight in a big way. There is no better cure then a win over the Flyers.

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Posted on: March 11, 2009 6:16 pm

Next Seasons Games for the Dallas Cowboys (Picks)

Home games.

1. Dallas vs Washington>           Washington 21-14

2. Dallas vs Oakland>                Dallas 34-20

3. Dallas vs Seattle>                  Dallas 30-17

4. Dallas vs San Diego               Dallas 28-24

5. Dallas vs Philly                      Dallas 31-21

6. Dallas vs NY                          NY 21-17

7. Dallas vs Atlanta                    Atlanta 26-17

8. Dallas vs Carolina                  Dallas 40-24


Away games.

1. Dallas @ Denver                    Denver 28-10

2. Dallas @ NY                          NY 28-14

3. Dallas @ Washington             Dallas 17-14

4. Dallas @ Philly                      Dallas 23-14

5. Dallas @ KC                          Dallas 37-14

6. Dallas @ Green Bay                Dallas 29-20

7. Dallas @ Tampa Bay              Tampa Bay 30-17

8. Dallas @ New Orleans             New Orleans 37-17


And there you have it. 9-7 next year. This is done in good fun. Just bored. We will make the playoffs though.


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